A little sumthin’

I want to welcome all of you into getting a glimpse into my life. Well the parts of my life that are centered on my two passions: Pastry and Pinup! What a fabulous and perfect pairing! I mean what is better than delicious cheesecake with strawberries on top and Cheesecake gals dressed in delightful vintage confections? Not a whole lot in my opinion.

I suppose since I have gotten this sweet induced blog started, some introductions are in order. My name is Angela Bailey, but here at Pinup and Pastry I transform into my Cheesecake Doll persona, Bonnie Bailey! Why Bonnie Bailey some of you may ask and if you weren’t thinking that, well you’re going to find out anyway. The first reason is Betsy Bon Bon was already taken. She is a Burlesque dancer from England and is mighty cute, so I am not mad that dame beat me to that name. The second reason is I adore alliterations and I think I am being cleaver by using one that has part of my name in it. Finally the third reason is, life is beautiful, so why not have a name that projects beauty is a quick simple exclamation. Continue reading


Coming soon!

Howdy Folks! Bear with me a prepare to build my blog, life as a pastry chef keeps me busy you know. Soon I will be sharing with you my thoughts on my two of my favorite things: Food and pinup. And maybe I’ll even throw in some variety from time to time. I know you are all on the edge of your seats with excitement and I am eager to please! So wait a little longer, I promise all this teasing will pay off.